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Dating-site  algorithms for development in India


For Non-Profits


For Corporate

Social Responsibility


More equitable and robust NPO Reporting

DaanMatch eases the hunt for CSR money. Means testing, with support for any NGO who passes means testing to get funded to apply for the program and vetting.  

DaanMatch eases compliance. Diminishes risk of non-compliance  Vetting participants. Matching CSR funding focus and giving philosophy. Publicly showcase the business to NGOs. Creates a deeper market and wider universe of NGOs, so the business can get a suitable feasible set of NGOs that matches their funding focus and philosophy to give to.  Allows the Business to showcase their CSR work and profile.

Using mobile web apps to validate their activities, enhance vetting, enhance credibility, and storytelling capacity of NGOs. Supports their narrative and their efforts.  Major Indian languages. Mobile device supported.

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